Rammer Unveils Improvements to Its Larger Models

Hydraulic hammer brand Rammer has some significant enhancements to the larger models in its range.

Fri March 28, 2014 - National Edition
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The new development in Rammer’s lower tool bushings is a replaceable bearing insert located inside a re-usable body sleeve.
The new development in Rammer’s lower tool bushings is a replaceable bearing insert located inside a re-usable body sleeve.

Hydraulic hammer brand Rammer has two significant enhancements to the larger models in its range: a lower tool bushing, featuring a replaceable bearing insert in a re-useable body sleeve; and the all-new Ramvalve. Both enhancements make a major contribution to the protection of the hydraulic hammer, extending the unit’s life while lowering owning and operating costs, according to the manufacturer.

Bronze Age

The new development in Rammer’s lower tool bushings is a replaceable bearing insert located inside a re-usable body sleeve. The replaceable bearing inserts are manufactured from bronze, which helps protect the tool surface from damage, prevents fatigue fractures and tools snapping. The smooth surface also improves the dust seal capabilities to provide a longer working life. The bushing can be maintained by monitoring and replacing only the bearing insert when it becomes worn.

The bearing insert is field-replaceable in approximately 30 minutes without dismantling the hammer, whereas the bushing assembly’s reusable body sleeve stays in place during the bearing insert renewal with the new insert being maneuvered through the hammer housing’s tool opening. An easy-to-use tool is used to remove the bearing insert, while a new or replacement insert can be installed without any special tools. When the bearing insert is monitored and replaced according to the manufacturer’s prescribed wear limits, the bushing assembly’s body sleeve has an unlimited lifetime. The new tool bushing is available as a spare part for all medium and large range Rammer hammers, except Rammer 7013 model.

Meet Ramvalve

The second key enhancement is a new style of overflow protection valve known as Ramvalve. Ramvalve is available for all hammers in the Rammer large range, except the Rammer 7013. The operating principle of the Ramvalve is simple but highly efficient. The valve monitors the oil flow through the hammer. If the oil flow exceeds the pre-defined setting, the valve activates and adjusts the flow to a very low level and the hammer’s impact rate drops down significantly. The Ramvalve resets after the hammer re-starts with a correct oil flow.

Oil overflow leads to overpressure; overflow and overpressure together is a major cause of overheating, excessive internal stresses and — in extreme cases — catastrophic failure. Fitted as standard to all new large range hammers (except the Rammer 7013) and available for retrofit, Ramvalve offers the following key benefits to the user:

• Protection against accidental overflowing and overpressure.

• Enhanced hammer reliability

• Improved protection against oil spillage

In Rammer large range assemblies, Ramvalve replaces the previous check valves. However, the check valve functionality is included within the Ramvalve, adding protection against oil spillage if the hammer supply hose breaks.

Customers should consult their local Rammer service contact for more detailed information on both the new product enhancements.

For more information, visit www.rammer.com.

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