Rayco RC 16.5 Drum Style Brush

Tue May 22, 2007 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Rayco RC 16.5 drum style brush chipper gives contractors and municipalities a 17-in. (43 cm) capacity machine loaded with standard features. The 140 hp (104 kW) CAT diesel engine is attached to a hydraulic clutch that is maintenance free and never needs adjusting, according to the manufacturer.

Versa-Feed reversing automatic feed control maximizes the engine’s horsepower and keeps the engine from overworking, enhancing performance. When the feed control bar remains in the neutral position for 60 seconds, the fuel saver system provides a feed system able to accept challenging material with no material kick up or need for operator presence.

Rayco brush chippers’ feed wheels are offset, allowing operators to feed short lengths of large diameter material with no material kick up. Hydraulic lift assist is standard and the large diameter allows the feed wheel to climb logs and dense material. The Pulse hydraulic system delivers 400 lbs. (181 kg) of steady down pressure with an additional 2,200 lbs. (998 kg) applied automatically every three seconds, totaling 2,600 lbs. (1,179 kg) of crushing power.