Rear-Load Wirtgen W 100i Meets Tier IVi Emission Rules

Tue April 09, 2013 - National Edition

The Wirtgen W 100i cold mill provides power and performance in the versatile 39-in. (99 cm) wide class, while providing Tier IVi emissions compliance in a rear-loading model.

The cutting width of the W 100i is 39 in., and the maximum cutting depth is 12 in. (30.5 cm). The W 100i is propelled on two wheels in front and two at the rear. Rear loading offers ease of operation and an excellent cost:benefit ratio to owners and operators of the W 100i, providing a powerful, productive machine at favorable operating costs, according to the manufacturer.

It’s the largest rear-loading cold mill in the Wirtgen line and is powered by a six-cylinder Deutz engine generating 215 hp.

The W 100i’s engine is equipped with a combined two-way catalytic converter and particulate filter to ensure effective exhaust purification.

The available level pro system for the W 100i is an automatic leveling system with two wire-rope sensors, and the available FCS/flexible cutter system light option permits the use of milling drums with different tool spacings.

The W 100i offers two different speed options (fast or slow) for adjustment in height via the rear wheels. Ample ground clearance at the hydraulic motors of the rear wheels protects them from damage from high curbs or other obstructions. Three milling gears permit different advance speeds during milling, and the front wheels can be turned up to nearly 80 deg.

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