Ring Power Cat Hosts Events in Tampa, St. Augustine, Fla.

Mon July 02, 2018 - Southeast Edition #14

After the demo, customers get a chance to climb in, on and around the new equipment and discuss the changes and new features they saw in the demo.
After the demo, customers get a chance to climb in, on and around the new equipment and discuss the changes and new features they saw in the demo.
After the demo, customers get a chance to climb in, on and around the new equipment and discuss the changes and new features they saw in the demo. Tim Maguire, Heavy Equipment’s senior vice president of sales, kicked off the Tampa event. A display highlighting the reduced number of filters used in 6,000 hours of operation time on the excavator. This is part of the reduced maintenance costs for the next generation of excavators. Hugo Aravena talks about safety and the peace of mind offered by the next generation excavators in St. Augustine. Caroline Fisher gives St. Augustine attendees an overview of the design and features the next generation excavators have to offer. John Brent goes in depth about the changes and science behind the reduced fuel consumption customers will experience at the St. Augustine event. Using large TV monitors, customers get a simultaneous view of what’s happening inside the operator’s compartment while they watch the equipment at work on the demo area. Caroline Fisher of Caterpillar talks to the group about the next generation of Cat excavators at the Tampa event. John Brent of Caterpillar talks to his group about fuel efficiency at the Tampa event. Hugo Aravena of Caterpillar delivers a presentation on safety at the Tampa event. Herb Rowell of Ring Power presents on reducing maintenance costs at the Tampa event. Eileen Chang of Caterpillar discusses how to make the operator more efficient at the Tampa event Andrew Fernandez of Custom Concrete Asphalt Crushing was picked from the group at the Tampa event to help out in the demonstration about optimized loading cycles. The Cat 320 GC, Cat 320 and Cat 323 were in full demo mode for the guests. Steve Dempsey shows attendees how easy it is to overload maximum weight restrictions on the job site using this sandbox, dump truck model and scale at the St. Augustine event. The demonstration highlights how optimized loading cycles are a huge new feature on the Next Gen excavators.

Ring Power Cat held next-generation excavators demo events in St. Augustine, Fla., on May 24 and in Tampa, Fla., on June 7.

These events invited Ring Power customers to come out and experience the next generation of Cat excavators. With a unique combinations of features, this new generation of excavators delivers productivity and cost efficiency. In fact, the new excavators offer up to 45 percent more work efficiency, up to 25 percent less fuel efficiency and up to 15 percent lower maintenance costs, according to Cat. These excavators also provide safe 2D/3D motion boundaries.

These events featured the Cat 320 GC, the Cat 320 and the Cat 323 models.

The Ring Power team and employees from Caterpillar had six topics to discuss with their guests: experiencing the next generation of excavators, fuel savings, maintenance costs, increased productivity, optimized loading cycles and safety. Guests were organized into separate groups and spent about 15 minutes on each topic.

After these six group sessions, lunch was served. Ring Power provided an Italian buffet that was held indoors for its guests.

After lunch was served, busses picked up Ring Power's guests and brought them out to the demo site. The demo site offered a presentation from the Ring Power team; this was the time for guests to get close to the Cat 320 GC, Cat 320 and Cat 323. Members of the Ring Power team were there to answer the guests' questions.

Ring Power had more than 90 customers combined at its events; the event in St. Augustine hosted 50 guests, and the Tampa event host approximately 40 guests.


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