Rogers Brothers Designs Trailer for Hauling Steel Coils

Mon June 02, 2008 - National Edition

Rogers Brothers Corporation recently was commissioned to design a trailer that would solve the special problems encountered in hauling steel coils between processing areas of a steel mill.

The trailer needed interchangeable beds to accommodate two different sizes of hot coils and needed to withstand use during three daily shifts, seven days a week.

Rogers worked with the maintenance, purchasing and transportation departments at the mill to design and build a 3-axle, 65-ton (59 t) capacity trailer with a 25-ft. 6-in. (7.7 m) trough that accepts different sizes of coil-carrying trays.

Two trays were designed to transport 76-in. (193 cm) diameter coils, and another two were built to transport 48-in. (122 cm) diameter coils. They were lined with a special heat-resistant material that prevents damage during transport. The mill has the option to use the trays to haul any combination of coil sizes in one trip. The trays can be interchanged by crane in a matter of minutes.

The high sides were built so that a rolling tarp manufacturer could install a cover on the trailer. Hot coils can be moved in all kinds of weather with the use of this tarp. Only one person is needed to operate this trailer.

Rogers trailers are in use in several steel mills around the United States.

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