R.R. Equipment Keeps It Simple With Crush-All

Mon February 02, 2004 - Southeast Edition

Less is more.

That is the philosophy Bob Rossi Jr., of R.R. Equipment, based in Lancaster, SC, employed when creating his most recent product, the Crush-All.

“We’ve been selling recycling machines and rock crushers for many years,” said Rossi. “Our customers just kept asking for more versatility in the machinery, increased mobility... and simplicity.”

The Crush-All (patent pending), which was released in early January, is an excavator attachment that is designed to simplify crushing, recycling and screening.

“This machine can be used for large or small jobs and applied to nearly any application,” said Rossi.

A replacement for the excavator bucket, the Crush-All is a loader, hopper, feeder, crusher and conveyor all in one.

According to the company’s Web site, “Once material to be crushed is scooped in, [the operator] curls the bucket upward and swings the excavator arm to the stockpile area.”

The Crush-All is started by the operator pressing a foot pedal. The provided joystick allows him or her to regulate the rate of feed. The crushed material will discharge at the bottom.

Once the dust suppression system senses the attachment is ready to crush, it turns on automatically. When the machine is emptied, the operator can close the feeder, shut off the machine and start over. The built-in tramp iron relief system allows uncrushable material to pass freely.

Rossi explained, “You can use the Crush-All anywhere you would normally apply any type of track-mounted or rubber-tired recycle crusher.”

When the Crush-All is no longer required, it can be replaced with a regular bucket or other attachment.

“Guys in the recycling industry are highly mobile, and there is no other machine in the industry more mobile than this,” said Rossi.

The Crush-All has the ability to handle chunks and slabs of recycled material and demolition debris including concrete, concrete with re-bar, asphalt, brick, cinder block, stone, rubble, demolition debris, bottom ash, coal, slag and glass. The attachment can crush concrete slabs down to 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) minus base product, or can be adjusted for smaller or larger discharge sizes.

Eliminating the need for a crushing spread, the Crush-All ensures that crushing is done in a controlled environment. For projects that allow on-site crushing and recycling, the Crush-All cuts down a contractor’s bottom line by eliminating hauling and transport costs to the dump. It also reduces extra labor costs, dumping fees and wasted fuel.

All of the Crush-All can be accessed from the ground, as its design is based on simplicity and parts accessibility. With a modular design, the machine can be disassembled in large pieces allowing the moving parts to have greater exposure. If the machine is damaged or wears in one area, a component can be replaced rather than the entire frame.

The Crush-All is supported by a team with more than 50 years experience in crushing and recycling. R.R. Equipment owns and operates several sand and gravel operations, quarries, trucking companies and concrete businesses.

Bob Rossi Sr., who is still active in the company, started R.R. Equipment in 1989. R.R. now stocks an extensive inventory of new, rebuilt and used aggregate processing equipment.

R.R. Equipment also manufactures the Crush King and Screen King line of portable and track-mounted equipment.

For more information, visit www.crush-all.com.