Snow No Match for Blizzard’s Speedwing Snowplow

Wed September 12, 2007 - National Edition

The Speedwing from Blizzard Snowplows combines the productivity of the company’s multi-position blade design with the control simplicity of a straight-blade snowplow.

“The Speedwing is great for people who are looking for a multi-position plow that is simple to use. It’s a less expensive option that can move snow like a V-plow but is as operator-friendly as a straight blade,” said Dan Bousman, sales and marketing manager of Blizzard Snowplows.

The Blizzard Speedwing features include:

• Multi-Position Design — The Speedwing defaults to a scoop position for straight-ahead plowing. When angled, the trailing wing falls in line with the blade while the leading wing maintains its forward position to reduce spillover and effectively utilize the entire blade width for higher-capacity windrowing.

In addition, the wings can be fixed in a straight-blade position for back-dragging operations.

• Economical Investment — Compared to a V-plow, the Speedwing requires a low initial investment and is engineered for reduced maintenance costs.

• Spring and Cable System — The heavy-duty system maximizes productivity while simplifying operator involvement.

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