Spray Paver Applies Material Directly Before Asphalt Mix

Wed November 01, 2006 - Southeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Roadtec unveiled the SP-200 asphalt spray paver, which gives the contractor the ability to spray asphalt cement or emulsion (tack) directly in front of the asphalt mix before it is laid for NovaChip applications or traditional paving.

NovaChip — sometimes called ultrathin HMAC wearing course application — paving can be used on asphalt or concrete pavements as preventive maintenance or as a surface rehabilitation treatment.

Equally useful in conventional, thicker-lift paving, the SP-200 spray paver solves the problem of truck traffic on tack coats because the tack and hot mix are applied in one operation by the paver. The SP-200 performs equally well in the construction of thicker lifts, and the spray function can be switched off all together for jobs where no tack coat is needed. The SP-200 is the only American-made spray paver available, according to the manufacturer.

The gravity-fed SP-200 has a heated 2,100-gal. (7,949 L) asphalt cement/emulsion tank and three rows of spray nozzles for delivering A/C or emulsion, giving it a large tank capacity. An onboard microprocessor controls the rate of flow or it can be manually controlled.

The SP-200 can be equipped with an Eagle 10 extendable 10-ft. (3 m) screed as well as any of the other available Roadtec and Carlson 10-ft. (3 m) screeds.

For more information, visit www.roadtec.com.