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Terex Roadbuilding Introduces SF3500B Series

Wed August 23, 2006 - National Edition

Terex Roadbuilding serves the mid-range paver market with its new Terex CMI SF3500B Series of concrete slipform pavers.

Two models — SF3502B and SF3504B — feature large frame section construction that deliver minimal deflection paving over their entire 12 to 33 ft. (3.7 to 10.1 m) paving widths.

These mid-range pavers meet Profile Index (PI) and International Roughness Index (IRI) standards to save contractors time and money by reducing the need for diamond grinding.

With quick setup and a five-year guarantee, HYDRA-MATION delivers .01 cm precision for elevation, steering and cross slope control. A simple hydraulic design features only two moving parts — one to control leg elevation and the other for steering — for a longer, trouble-free life.

The pavers’ 350-hp (261 kW) diesel engine is sound-insulated to reduce noise levels and improve operator comfort. A hydraulically actuated engine cowling significantly increases service access. The pavers’ low-rise engine compartment improves visibility by 30 percent over previous models for safer operation. The no-clutter, see-through deck enhances the operator’s visibility of paving area.

The SF3500B Series also delivers high-pressure, no-leak, spinner hose connectors for auger drives and manifolds reduce setup costs. Telescoping catwalks and handrails eliminate the additional transport load for quicker site-to-site moves the lower transport costs.

For more information, visit www.terexrb.com.