UT Zoo Structure Being Built Slowly, Cheaply

Wed October 15, 2003 - National Edition

LOGAN, UT (AP) The new Willow Park Zoo education facility is not going to set any construction records for speed, but those footing the bill don’t mind.

Construction is nearing an end on the new 2,500-sq.-ft. (232 sq m) building, nearly two years since the foundation was poured.

More than 20 local contractors and building supply companies have donated to the project since it began in fall 2001.

After settling on the construction as a way to give back locally, Northern Utah Home Builders Association began recruiting help for the community project. Even though it took some time to acquire materials and people to volunteer time during the busy construction season, the response was overwhelming.

Contractors sent employees to volunteer hours or construction work. Sheet rock, glass, electric equipment and roofing insulation have been sold to the zoo at steep discounts or even donated.

One mason even agreed to install the stone exterior of the building at no cost.

And the savings are adding up for the zoo, which has used a Parks and Recreation Department grant to pay for the building.

"I expect we’ll save $60,000 to $75,000," said Roylan Crowshaw, former NUHBA president, who inquired three years ago about a way his organization could help the city.