Virginia Bridge Falls Down in Blaze of Glory

Fri February 15, 2008 - Southeast Edition

Crews from Demtech Inc. in Dubois, Wyo., brought down the North Fork bridge Feb. 3 in Warren County, Va.

The bridge was demolished using explosives attached to the steel support beams. Once the explosives discharged, the steel beams fell straight down to the ground, where crews cut and removed the debris from the site.

In September 2005, the Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded the $19.2 million North Fork Bridge project to Flippo Construction Co. Inc. of Forrestville, Md.

The project includes replacing the existing three-lane bridge on Route 340/522 (Winchester Road) over the north fork of the Shenandoah River with a new five-lane structure that includes sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Bridge approaches were rebuilt as part of this project. Traffic began using the new structure in late summer 2007. Intersection and signal improvements also are included as part of the project.

The project’s scheduled completion date is September 2009.