Demolition Resumes After Indiana Crane Collapse

Wed January 07, 2004 - National Edition

EVANSVILLE, IN (AP) Demolition resumed on a multistory apartment building following the collapse of part of a 100-ton (90.7 t) crane being used to tear it down.

Work on the project came to a sudden halt Monday afternoon when a weld snapped on the crane, causing part of the equipment to topple north and graze a nearby YWCA building.

No one was injured and the YWCA building suffered only minor damage, but it remained closed Tuesday because the building being demolished was unstable.

A replacement crane was brought in and assembled Tuesday night, allowing demolition to resume.

"We’ll bring the top of the building down to a more stable level," said Jeff Whiteside, a spokesman for Vectren Corp., which owns the building.

The contractor, Spirtas Wrecking Co. of St. Louis, also will take care of removing the damaged crane from the site and handle repairs on the YWCA, Whiteside said.