Engcon Launches 'Dig Smart. Dig Safe' Campaign

Tue January 21, 2020 - National Edition

The amount of workplace accidents and fatalities that occur in connection with excavators makes for disappointing and distressing reading. Engcon wants to lead the excavation industry towards zero accidents, a "zero vision" — with smart technology on all excavators.

"Dig Smart. Dig Safe" is a part of Engcon's "Non Accident Generation" initiative that focuses on setting a new product safety standard and is designed to create a safer workplace.

"Safety is often seen as a low priority in the contracting and construction sector. Unfortunately, no matter what market we are looking at these same industries are often identified as having the most workplace injuries," said Stig Engström, founder and owner of Engcon.

"Some of the most common causes of accidents are due to machinery but also from tools that drop off equipment. This is unacceptable since the accidents can lead to absence from work through personal injury or in the worst cases a fatality, all of which could have been avoided."

"An excavator often operates in a tight space or on construction sites with many people. Without the proper safety equipment employed on the machine, you can inadvertently drop gear or back over someone. Slipping and tripping accidents are also common when the driver steps out of or into the excavator," he said.

Zero Vision Can Drive the Industry in the Right Direction

Engström has taken on the fight to increase safety standards in the workplace, working flat out to reduce the number of accidents in the industry to zero.

Engcon has developed an automatic quick mounting system with both sound and light alerts to prevent an excavator functioning in the event of an incorrectly coupled bucket or other tools.

In addition, a driver must set the bucket down on the ground in order to release it at a given pressure. The automatic coupling of oil, electricity and central lubrication also means that the driver can safely remain in the cab and change tools. A tiltrotator means fewer machine movements, which in itself reduces the risk of someone being hit.

"Engcon has technology that can assume parts of the operator's responsibility when it comes to connecting tools to an excavator correctly. This smart technology makes sure it is done right. With a zero vision in combination with Engcon's smart technology, we can help drive the industry in the right direction so that the safety issue is prioritized," said Engström.

Fight for Change — For Safety to Be at the Top of the Work Agenda

Despite the fact that Engcon is at the forefront in safety, much remains to be done to achieve a zero vision and Engström believes that some type of regulatory change is required along with all parties taking responsibility for safety in the workplace.

"Suppliers must develop safer products, dealers must buy them and customers must demand that they are installed and offer contracts to those that use them. We want to ensure workplace safety. The technology should prevent accidents even if the driver makes a mistake. Every accident is one too many and the goal must be to eliminate them completely," said Engström.

With the safety campaign "Dig smart. Dig Safe." Engcon wants to raise awareness and intensify the discussion around safety in the workplace.

"We are told that the issue is taboo and that we risk criticism. I'm just saying: let the criticism come. We stand up for increased safety. We have always done that and will continue to do so. It's time to move from discussion to action. I want all interested parties in 2020 to start taking responsibility and hope that our initiatives can be the starting point," said Engström.

For more information, visit https://engcon.com/en_us/owning-an-engcon/safety.html

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