When discussing the benefits of making product improvements and efficiencies the environmental impact is increasingly in focus. Excavators that perform more work with less driving time reduce the environmental impact. In addition, excavators that optimize performance, increase their profitability by undertaking more assignments while reducing the environmental impact of excavation work.

Engcon — Engström Construction — turns 30 this year. It all began in Stig Engström's garage in the village of Lidsjöberg, 55 miles northwest of Strömsund in northern Sweden When Engström first saw an excavator quick coupler that was able to tilt and rotate, he realized immediately that the product would change the world of excavation.

The amount of workplace accidents and fatalities that occur in connection with excavators makes for disappointing and distressing reading. Engcon wants to lead the excavation industry towards zero accidents, a "zero vision" — with smart technology on all excavators.

Tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon is an important part of the world's first Cat 330 Next Gen that has been combined both with a front blade and tiltrotator. Behind the controls of this unique excavator is Kristoffer Westman of Sundbergs Åkeri, a Swedish plant and trucking company.

When California native Ryan Goodfellow moved to Utah in 1994, he gained experience working for an excavation company, but three short years later, he founded his own: Rock Structures Utility & Excavating. "At the other company, I had to sell the job, schedule the job, do the job, build the job and collect payment," Goodfellow recalled.

As his landscaping business grew, Andy Mulder knew it was time to upgrade his machine to something bigger and more productive. Mulder, owner and operator of Mulder Maintenance and Services of Hebron, Ind., turned to his partner of four years, McCann Industries of Merrillville, Ind.

Doosan and Engcon, a leading tiltrotator manufacturer, have entered into an agreement regarding an increased collaboration in Europe. The first Doosan excavators factory-fitted and equipped with Engcon's tiltrotators, control systems and hitches are being delivered during fall 2019.

Engcon's new generation of rock and sorting grapples will be on display at bauma, held in Munich, April 8 to 14, 2019. Fifteen years have passed since Engcon launched the SK stone and sorting grabs, and over the years they have become increasingly common accessories that make excavators even more useful and flexible.

Engcon has launched production of the GRD70 grab cassette. Engcon has for some time been alone in producing a unique type of grab cassette. With a simple maneuver that requires no screwing or manual connection of hydraulics, the excavator operator can connect or disconnect the grab cassette in less than one minute, according to the manufacturer.

Engcon has moved from prototype and preproduction into the manufacturing stage on the hoseless EC-Oil automatic connection system and hydraulic connections for the GRD grab cassette and the SWD rotating brush. The hose-free design provides simplicity and an uncluttered quick hitch.

Engcon's EC-Oil 80, an automatic quick hitch, is suitable for the Q-Safe 80 quick hitch for excavators up to 44 tons (40 t) and for large, high-flow tools. The EC-Oil 80 enables the operator to remain seated in the excavator when connecting or disconnecting the tiltrotator and other hydraulic tools.