Enough Winterizing. Time to Springize Your Company

Three ways to prepare the busy season ahead.

Thu February 02, 2017 - National Edition
Giles Lambertson

ConExpo-Con/AGG exhibit. http://url.ie/11o77
ConExpo-Con/AGG exhibit. http://url.ie/11o77

Winter. This too shall pass. Contractors in chilly parts of the country have winterized their machinery, mothballed the parts of their fleets they can't repurpose to snow work, and are fine-tuning the art of thumb-twiddling. They need to get out of the shop! Las Vegas is a perfect destination: ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 cranks up there March 7.

Why go? Because the U.S. economy just slogged through another year with growth under 2 percent and a consensus has emerged that this year should be a turning point. A round of applause for all who survived, but we're talking expansion now. It's time for construction executives to energetically prepare for busy days ahead.

Enough with winterizing. Here are three ways to “springize” your company before thawing begins:

1. Boost Crew Morale… by looking afresh at your employees. Are your day laborers confined to menial jobs that have them grumbling instead of contributing? Are latent skills being recognized and developed? Do you have an open-door policy that encourages sharing of ideas? Safety is a top concern and one ConExpo workshop will feature the latest in electronic wearables to keep employees safe.

2. Stay In Touch… with peers in the industry. Nearly half of attendees at ConExpo represent companies of fewer than 50 employees. Pros just like you will be there with experiences and fresh thinking to share. Fully 80 percent of the crowd at ConExpo of the crowd at ConExpo is contractors and dealers. That's a lot of walking-around knowledge.

3. Buy That Excavator… or skid steer or tri-axle dump truck that you know has been missing from your fleet and costing you on every project. You can get by without it, sure, but you also know you can pay for it in extra work you'll be able to handle. Check out the latest models at ConExpo. Or, if second-hand serves you better, start shopping elsewhere Get that machine and you'll be in the driver's seat when things start rolling.

Spring is coming. Now's the time to get ready for it.

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