In an industry that depends on heavy machinery and specialized tools, it is crucial for construction business owners to have access to cutting-edge equipment for competitive advantage. However, getting the right equipment is not always within a company's budget.

There are four main reasons equipment vendors offer financing to their customers before and at the time of purchase. 1. Customer Retention Offering financing can help strengthen customer relationships and: Address customers' financial issues; Answer their questions about the equipment; and Help them with future lease/financing decisions at the end of the lease/financing term (e.g., whether to purchase new or existing equipment).

Aerial lifts are vehicle-mounted devices that are used to assist workers in performing tasks at elevated levels. Either you've noticed them when a utility company is working on a power line, or perhaps a company office is having their windows cleaned.

When a 260-ft.-long span of a heavily traveled highway bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy on Aug. 14, speculative causes of the collapse immediately were flung around like flying debris. The shoot-from-the-hip reaction used to be called “instant analysis” and helped foster public cynicism about the media.

2018 has proven to be another healthy year for the construction industry as a whole. With multiple indicators pointing towards continued positive growth, it may seem as if there are few challenges ahead for the industry. There is, however, one elephant in the room.

Boston's MIT students and researchers are doing their thing. The academic brain-trust at the Massachusetts university has contributed to society's progress in impressive ways and, perhaps, less august ways — the oxymoronic all-terrain wheelchair comes to mind.

Choosing the right boot for your job can be tricky, especially with so many makes and models out there. However, having the right footwear so that you feel comfortable and protected while at work can certainly make your workday easier. Although there are many parts that go into making the perfect work boot for each profession that requires one, ultimately choosing what fits your needs best is not complicated at all.

We all want to believe in perfect energy solutions. Clean, cheap and limitless energy for everyone. Nirvana, in a word. It isn't here yet, though fracking has produced some great leaps forward in energy production. Repurposing carbon dioxide now has people excited.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are one of the most promising and multifaceted technologies to come along in recent years. Innovation and the implementation of new technologies have always been hallmarks of the construction industry. With a seemingly endless list of uses both in the field and in construction planning and managing drones are game changers.

If you find yourself asking how to dig a trench we will highlight many different ways to dig a trench with a ride-on utility tractor. These attachment-carrying tractors can be changed from a vibratory plow, rockwheel or microtrencher to a chain trencher.

The OSHA regulation outlining requirements for exposure to respirable silica dust has been in place for months. But not every organization has taken the steps necessary to meet the guidelines. This is a reminder that every company that works with concrete, stone or other masonry materials must meet the OSHA requirements.