HydrauLok System Prevents Unauthorized Use, Theft

Tue May 13, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

After three years of research and development, HydrauliCircuit Technology Inc., based in Stockbridge, Ga., has developed a theft and vandalism deterrent device called the HydrauLok.

Initially conceived as an anti-theft device, much of the interest in the concept centers around its ability to prevent unauthorized use.

Many equipment contractors have experienced a situation where on unauthorized laborer on a job site thought it would “be okay to use the machine for a few minutes.” Contractors also report instances of teenagers driving and vandalizing machines on job sites and doing enormous damage. And finally, there are many reports of a disgruntled former employee doing deliberate damage with a machine.

The system prevents unauthorized use of equipment through a keypad and valve system that enables or disables the pilot system on hydraulic excavators or backhoe loaders with pilot controls.

HydrauliCircuit Technology representatives said the installation time for the system is approximately three hours, and does not require a highly trained technician. With three years of testing, the company said it has had 100 percent success with this system and no problems with the kits it has delivered or installed.

The system works on a simple premise — it locks down the pilot system and the hydraulics. The effect is much the same as lifting the armrest to activate the safety lock valve. Even if the wires to the keypad are cut, a failure mode locks the system down completely. A built-in safety override is included and only available to a master operator. Access codes can easily be added or deleted by the person having access to the master code.

Each system is custom produced and tailored to a particular make of machine and comes complete with keypad, valve, fittings, hoses and detailed installation instructions. The keypad has been extensively tested for durability and is weather and dirt resistant.

For more information, call 888/603-0080 or visit www.hctkits.com. CEG

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