bidadoo is expanding its sales team to meet the surge of online remarketing demand and activity. Spreading deeper into new regions and markets, bidadoo announced the contributions and appointments of several key people in strategic sales channels. Key in driving customer success with bidadoo are Len Rodriguez and Brent Birdsong.

bidadoo is expanding its sales and leadership team to meet the surge of online remarketing demand and activity. As further fueled by COVID-19, bidadoo has attracted a 188 percent growth in site traffic during this period. bidadoo is expanding deeper into new regions and markets.

bidadoo had a record second quarter in sales, volume and online traffic as buyers and sellers further leverage the benefits of bidadoo's 100 percent online model. This was highlighted by a website traffic surge of 155 percent and a new visitor web traffic spike of 188 percent (year-over-year).

bidadoo holds the final Q1 online auction on March 31 -- with online interest up 50 percent and a volume increase of 80 percent over last year. With construction and equipment activity impacted due to the current health crisis, bidadoo brings the auction to you, both buyers and sellers, without the need for travel or transport.

bidadoo ended 2019 with record 72 percent revenue growth over 2018, as customers continue to rapidly adopt the online auction model over the land-based, live auction model. Significantly less selling expenses, and the trust and acceptance of online heavy equipment buying, has significantly changed the remarketing and auction industry, according to bidadoo.

bidadoo continued to experience strong demand for trusted online auctions, achieving a record 4th quarter with 73 percent growth in number of units sold. bidadoo also saw an increase in international participation of more than 75 percent during the 4th quarter.

bidadoo is holding one final no-reserve auction on Dec. 30 to close out a record-breaking 2019. bidadoo has moved auction end times to a daytime format due to several factors, including increased mobile participation, growth in U.S. Eastern region and international bidders, and growth in higher value items.

bidadoo's weekly online auctions have moved to daytime on Tuesday. After 16 years of evening auctions, many factors have prompted this move, including access to mobile technology, growth of buyer base, more commercial grade equipment, more professional buyers and a better buyer experience.

bidadoo continues to expand and increase sales with more than 50 percent growth in the first half of 2019, year over year. This continued growth can be attributed to further international market expansion in Canada and Mexico, increased global buyer participation, success of the bidadoo Buy-Now Marketplace, bidadoo's growing experienced sales force and the market's continued adoption of online auctions.

bidadoo sales increased more than 70 percent in the 1st quarter of 2019, year-over-year. This significant increase can be attributed to bidadoo's growing experienced salesforce, geographic expansion — including additional growth in Canada and Mexico, and market migration to efficient online auctions.

The internet has revolutionized the way we buy and sell. Many purchases that used to demand in-person attendance have evolved — and improved — into virtual services. The heavy equipment auction industry has discovered the tremendous advantages in utilizing the internet as a powerful conduit in conducting auctions.