John Deere Worksite Pro

John Deere is updating its line of Worksite Pro attachments with three new angle and five new pickup brooms. The BA72C, BA84C and BA96C angle brooms and the BP72C, BP84C, BR60C, BR72C and BR84C pickup brooms were designed for effortless cleanup in turf, snow and construction applications.

Continuing to expand its offering of job site cleanup solutions, John Deere is introducing the new GS66B, GS72B, GS78B, GS84B scrap grapple buckets and GR72B and GR84B rock grapple buckets into its ever-expanding line of Worksite Pro attachments. The scrap grapple buckets are ideal for scrap handling, recycling center use, disaster cleanup and job site cleanup applications where grappling power is needed to handle material.

John Deere continues to expand its Worksite Pro attachments lineup with the addition of the SS30 model stump shredder. Ideal for landscaping and construction job sites, the new shredder removes stumps from 8 to 28 in. (20 to 71 cm) in one pass. Larger stumps are easily removed with multiple bores.

Foresight Intelligence, a provider of data analytics software, announced its recently-released product, Fleet Intelligence, was named a mixed fleet solution for John Deere Worksight. The new product provides heavy equipment dealers and contractors the intelligence they need to be more productive, operate more efficiently and build a competitive advantage, according to the company.

Pallet forks are staple attachments when it comes to getting more versatility and productivity from compact equipment and now John Deere has an option for material-handling jobs of every scale with the new severe-duty pallet forks, the latest additions to the ever-expanding lineup of Worksite Pro attachments.

In an effort to simplify data management and enhance job site productivity, John Deere and LHP Telematics are joining forces to further advance the proficiencies of John Deere WorkSight and to put the power of JDLink data in the hands of customers. The latest John Deere telematics relationship allows customers to access data from all machines in a fleet from one location.