On June 15, the city of Hoboken, N.J., restarted installation of the first phase of its water main replacement project, which will replace a total of 15 blocks, or 7,035 linear ft. of Hoboken's oldest water mains. Other upgrades include service lines to the curb box, curb to curb resurfacing, green/grey infrastructure, and complete street design.

Together Stephenson Equipment and LeeBoy are putting together the first ever "Stars & Stripes" version of LeeBoy's 8520B asphalt paver in support of The Gary Sinise Foundation. Over the past few months, Stephenson and LeeBoy have been compiling a significant donation in support of the Gary Sinise Foundation and its Emergency COVID-19 Combat Service Campaign.

With the addition of two new models, Wirtgen is equipping its slipform pavers in the 40 ft. (12 m) class with proven technologies from the SP 60i and SP 90i series. Inset slipform pavers are an ideal choice for the cost-effective paving of large-scale concrete pavements, such as highly durable highways or aircraft runways.

When road surfaces and paths are paved over preplaced reinforcing steel, the concrete can often only be supplied from the side. Wirtgen's WPS 62i/WPS 62 placer/spreader is a practical choice for this application. As the first machine in the Wirtgen paving train, it travels over the reinforcement in front of the slipform paver and texture curing machine.

Cemen Tech has announced its training webinar seriesfor April 2020. Available at no cost, Cemen Tech's webinars cover a variety of important topics related to the volumetric concrete industry. The ongoing webinar series is hosted by Cemen Tech volumetric concrete experts, and often features contractors, aggregate product manufacturers, equipment finance professionals and other guest speakers.

Digitalization, electromobility and globalization are rapidly changing our world – and along with it the construction industry. Nevertheless, rollers will continue to be needed for compacting soil and asphalt in the years to come. The requirements for process efficiency and transparency are expected to increase concurrently.

It's business as usual in the paving industry — almost. Construction and infrastructure work, which includes paving, have been classified as essential services. Only two states, Pennsylvania and Washington, have put this work on hold. In other states, work goes on while emphasizing federal, state and local guidelines including social distancing, sterilizing work surfaces and keeping meetings to 10 people or less.

With the HP series, Hamm is presenting a totally new generation of pneumatic tire rollers. The series is full of technical innovations and advances – especially in relation to the operator's platform, the water and additive sprinkling system as well as the ballasting, according to the manufacturer.

At ConExpo 2020, Joseph Vogele AG showcased its new software-based application for road construction. WITOS Paving Docu allows paving data and delivery notes to be recorded and automates the process of sending out job-site reports. With its latest innovation, WITOS Paving Docu, the global market leader is complementing its two existing job-site solutions: RoadScan, the non-contacting temperature-measurement system with which the paving temperature can be monitored across the full pave width, and WITOS Paving Plus, the telematics solution for coordinating and actively optimizing all processes from the mixing plant to the paving process in real time.

With the new generation of cold recyclers, Wirtgen has developed the world's most modern machines for cold in-place recycling. The tracked recyclers also deliver impressive results during full-depth recycling and high-performance milling. The W 380 CRi made its North American debut at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2020, set up as a recycling train with the Vögele paver SUPER 2000 - 3i including extending screed AB 600 TV+ and tandem roller HD+ 140i VVHF HCQ from Hamm.

Doosan Portable Power compactors are known for versatility and optimal performance in a variety of applications, including granular soils, crushed aggregate, paving, and asphalt patchwork. Its light compaction equipment includes upright rammers, vibratory plate compactors and walk-behind vibratory rollers.