Jeff Martin Auctioneers Announces 2020 Florida Auction Dates

Tue August 20, 2019 - National Edition
Jeff Martin Auctioneers

Jeff Martin Auctioneers Inc. announced it will be back on the winter auction scene in Kissimmee, Fla., held Feb. 10 to 13, 2020.

"After seeing the incredible growth during our first two years in Kissimmee, we are pleased to welcome everyone to our auction in Florida for year number three," said Jeff Martin, president.

With early commitments from its consignors, this auction is expected to contain more than 6,000 new and used items. Drawing buyers from all 50 states and 46 foreign countries, the international advertising campaign is already getting geared up.

"Whether it is one item or an entire fleet of construction equipment, logging equipment, farm equipment, aerial equipment, heavy trucks, or heavy trailers, we invite you to participate in this incredible Premier Heavy Equipment Four Day Auction event.

"We want to thank our customers for their business and support over the years and invite them to participate with us and experience the difference at Jeff Martin Auctioneers," said Martin.