Kawasaki Unveils New Wheel Loader Model 92ZV-2

Wed April 08, 2009 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Kawasaki has designed and engineered the 92ZV-2, 6.0 wheel loader to be the best in its class. This new class introduction is not a stretched version of earlier models, but designed from the ground up from the chassis to the transmission to the hydraulic systems, to the cab.

Power to Spare

With a fuel efficient Cummins QSM11, certified Tier III emissions engine, providing 284 hp (212 kW) and a 47 percent torque rise, this loader provides the power for digging as well as hill climbing. The 92ZV-2’s hydraulics, supply breakout force and lifting capacity, which allow the Kawasaki wheel loader to dig bank material easily or lift heavy log or pipe loads.

Easy to Operate

The operator will notice the difference in the performance as well as the ease of operation. With leg room to spare, great visibility, and fingertip controls, the operator can customize settings and make adjustments to take control in a variety of working conditions.

Standard features such as the adjustable declutch, dual boom kickout control, idle management system, ELS (efficient loading system) and dual mode engine switch allow the operator to work efficiently and safely. Options such as ride control and single lever hydraulic control offer additional ease of operation and comfort.


Kawasaki loaders have long been known for their structural integrity, and the 92ZV-2 expands on this concept with a full box section frame, heavy center pins and support structures. The dual Z-Linkage and new chassis design make this a strong, well balanced machine.

Standard features such as the outboard-mounted sealed wet disc brakes, sealed universal joints, sealed Deutsch DT electrical connectors, and reversible fan are designed to provide ease of maintenance and improve durability.

The Kawasaki machine operation diagnostic module (MODM) offers information to make the operation and maintenance of the wheel loader quick and efficient, providing details on operating systems, continually diagnosing the performance of the wheel loader, and monitoring fluids and filters.

“When we decided to enter the 6.0 cubic yard wheel loader market we were determined not to bring a ’stretched’ machine to the market, but to design this loader from the ground up. We wanted to maintain the structural integrity and provide a powerful, agile machine. The 92ZV-2 loader has achieved that, and more. This is Kawasaki at its best,” Gary Bell, vice president and general manager, said.

For more information, call 770/499-7000 or visit www.kawasakiloaders.com/92ZV

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