Midco Demolition Tools Darts Off the Line With Dragster Sponsorship

Sat June 26, 2004 - West Edition

“There are many avenues when it comes to marketing your products,” said David Spainhour, owner of Midco Demolition Tools in Dallas, TX. “We have tried multiple mediums and have settled with two that are proving to be very effective.”

According to Spainhour, one of those mediums is static and the other is anything but static. In 2004, Midco decided to enhance its efforts with the sponsorship of a Pro Modified dragster.

Spainhour said that he and his son, Chris, who represents Solida demolition tools, joined together on the drag racing sponsorship.

“Chris and I have both tried our hand at driving dragsters in the past and we know that many people in the construction industry follow the sport with a passion,” Spainhour noted.

Statistics show that aside from the thousands that frequent the actual races, there are multiple thousands that see the signage on the transport vehicle and the trailer when the dragster is en route.

Spainhour has owned four dragsters over the past 20 years and knows the sport and the audience very well. “Aside from the fact that we know we are reaching a target market, it’s quite a thrill to see your sponsorship signs go by at nearly 200 mph,” stated Spainhour.

Midco chose to sponsor Thomas Myers Racing, a small team located in Granbury, TX. Spainhour said that the group looked like it had great potential with its 2000 Chevy S10 Pro Mod and Midco received the edge it needed from the sponsorship.

The truck is highly modified, boasting a 707-cu.-in. nitrous oxide burning engine and a body that looks like what an S10 may resemble in the future. It has been timed at 167 mph in the one-eighth mi. run, which means you have to look quick to see that signage.

The main marketing aspect of the sponsorship is in the “en-route” viewing — more than 12,000 miles and 200 hours on major highway travel between events.

According to Spainhour, one of the most appealing reasons for the sponsorship is that the fans are free to interact with the teams on a first-hand basis in the pits. They can see the dragster up close, meet the crew and talk with the driver to get an in-depth understanding of drag racing.

“Chris and I take customers to the races and basically make a party of the event,” he said.

In the near future, Midco plans to take the dragster to tradeshows as a draw factor for its display.

According to Spainhour, hammers and chisels are not all that much of an attraction, but the dragster should really bring people to see its products. He added that they are very proud to participate in the Texas Outlaw Pro Modified Association in addition to benefiting from the publicity derived from the sponsorship.

“We look forward to a long successful association with our Pro Mod dragster,” Spainhour said.

For more information, visit www.midco.com.