Scales and Weighing Systems in Construction Industry

Mon January 09, 2017 - National Edition
Kevin Hill

The construction industry is one of the most dynamic environments to operate in. It throws peculiar challenges especially when it comes to measurement and weighing systems. These systems are an important facet of the industry because they affect the productivity and the profits of the business, the most.

However, the ever evolving technology scenario has helped revolutionize this crucial facet. Today, the measurement and weighing solutions are more advanced, efficient and accurate than ever before. They are more flexible to work with, are cost effective and deliver precise results. This not only enhances the productivity of the users, but also has a remarkable positive impact on the profits of the business.

Scales and weighing systems such as portable truck scales, load volume scanner and rail scales are changing the dynamics of the construction industry. More and more construction companies are identifying with their numerous advantages. Apart from the positives mentioned above, they also drive reliable load management and deliver reduced or zero wastage of assets, and thus add to the sustainability quotient of the construction business.

A brief guide to measure right!

Mentioned below are some important facts and benefits of various scales and weighing systems. Keep these in mind to select the most appropriate and the best fit for your construction business.

• Portable Truck Scales – Portable truck scales are also known as wheel weighers. As compared to permanent scales, they are light in weight and portable in nature. This enables the user to transport, assemble and dismantle them with more ease. Also, these scales can mostly be set up on any surface; even unstable surfaces such as gravel. Besides, these are tough, easy to maintain and are usually built from durable materials to withstand harsh environments in which they are used. Most vendors offer a wide variety to choose from. For maximum precision, software integrated scales are also available. They aid in minimizing financial and material losses by delivering accurate measurements and also boost operational proficiency.

• Load Volume Scanner – An efficient tool, the load volume scanner uses laser technology to weigh the assets. It translates high definition 3D images of truck loads into weight with the help of a software platform. It generates real-time results and is simple to set up and operate. The user can also detect any shift of the load in truck bed, as this scanner is proficient in managing body and back design of a load.

• Rail Scales – The rail scales are installed on the tracks to measure the weight of train cars. They are essentially of two main types: Static and In-motion. They are chosen based on factors such as nature of industry, site, environment etc. As the name suggests, the Static scales are immobile and are used to measure the weight of stationary train cars. The In-motion scales are more accurate, can be moved along the rails and are used to measure the loads of moving train cars. Often they are equipped with smart software which enhances their precision.

The choice of any of these devices and/or systems still largely depends on the nature of your construction business and its requirement. You can either choose from a wide range of options available or even get them customized. No matter how big or small your requirement, these advanced technological wonders are the key to achieve optimal output in your business – be it operational or financial.

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