C&L Construction Takes Delivery of Magni RTH 5-30 S

Fri January 22, 2016 - Northeast Edition

Robert Ferreira (L) shakes hands with Vince DeRienzo of Paramount Equipment.
Robert Ferreira (L) shakes hands with Vince DeRienzo of Paramount Equipment.

When Robert Ferreira of C&L Construction, Newark, N.J., needed a new rotating machine, he did months of research, and kept coming up with the same answer.

“I looked and shopped for a rotating machine that had the newest technology, the highest lift height and capacity and with the best price. After months of research and demonstrating other machines, the Magni won hands down,” Ferreira said.

“Locked in a cage, the Magni performs efficiently, swiftly and safely, reaching and placing forms and materials throughout the job site. Using the attachments has made this job jump way ahead of schedule.”

Ferreira's alternative was to rent or purchase a rough terrain crane, but doing that would have limited him to using only a hook, he said. Also, if he rented a crane, he would have had the cost of an operator, a monthly rental cost of three times that of his monthly payment of the Magni.

“I would have limited the job site to moving all the materials, forms and men with just a hook, thus having to have more machines on the site. The Magni's attachments give me the savings and give the job site the versatility that a crane cannot. My men are happy, I'm happy and my customer is extremely happy,” he said.

Ferreira also recommended using the attachments that are available for the Magni machines.

“They eliminate the need to have other machines on the site, along with saving time, fuel and labor costs of not having more operators on the payroll. Vince DeRienzo [of Paramount Equipment in Union, N.J.] did a great job in steering me into the right machine for my company's needs. His expertise and knowledge of his equipment and their capabilities allowed me to make an informed and educated decision in purchasing a rotating telehandler.”