DOT Ramps Up Roadside Brush Management Across Maine

Wed July 03, 2019 - Northeast Edition #14

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The Maine Department of Transportation has begun controlling brush along selected state roads. This is part of an ongoing, integrated approach that includes mowing, hand removal or the use of herbicides to control roadside vegetation.

When controlled, roadside trees are easy to maintain. If they are allowed to grow, these trees block drivers' views of large animals, prevent proper drainage and block sunlight that helps melt snow and ice in the winter. Reducing vegetation near guardrails protects workers from tripping hazards and ticks.

All herbicide treatments for brush, weeds and invasive plants are selective to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation. Beginning in 2004, MaineDOT started every-other-year herbicide application to further reduce use. Municipalities and private citizens living adjacent to state roads may contact MaineDOT to enter into Cooperative Vegetation Management agreements if they are concerned about herbicide use. Agreements outline the municipal or landowner responsibilities for maintaining roadside vegetation.

For more information, please contact Statewide Vegetation Manager Robert Moosmann at 207/592-0774.