Five Stand-On Skid Steer Attachments to Invest In

Wed May 05, 2021 - National Edition #10
Ditch Witch

Stand-on skid steers are some of the most versatile machines on the market. With the ability to easily switch out attachments, they can take on almost any task a job site throws at them and can even open the door for contractors to take on jobs in different industries. But what are the best attachments to help you get that most out of your machine? Here are the five attachments beyond a bucket and fork that will up the ROI of your stand-on skid steer.

Grapple Bucket

Standard buckets are the bread and butter of most stand-on skid steers, but a grapple bucket will further increase the ROI of your machine. A grapple bucket comes with hydraulic clamps that hold unstable material. In addition to allowing operators to work quicker without the worry of their load falling off, grapple bucket also open the door to tree care and landscaping jobs — two of the fastest growing industries for stand-on skid steers.


Using a stand-on skid steer to trench is an efficient alternative for job sites that have many different tasks, in addition to open cutting as it limits the need for extra machines on-site. Having a trencher attachment will open increase jobsite efficiency and open up utility installation and landscaping jobs to contractors. Standard trencher attachments are available in 4,6, 8 and 12 in. widths.


Rake attachments are an asset for operators looking for an asset in landscaping. Rake attachments are designed to clean, level and prep job sites or to smooth or loosen soil for sodding — which allows operators to quickly move to the next step on their job sites. Most rake attachments require 10 to 14 gpm, but running a rake with a higher horsepower machine will create even more drum torque to break up hardpack or clay soils.


Ideal for landscaping and tree care, an auger attachment will expedite hole creation and allow operators to more quickly plant trees or install fence posts than if they were hand-digging or relying on a hand-held auger. By speeding up these tasks, operators can take on more jobs in a day and increase their ROI. Auger attachments are available in in a variety of bit styles and sizes which typically range from 6 to 36 in.


Fiber installation and other street-located work is rapidly growing. A microtrenching attachment is a key attachment for operator looking to get into this market. Microtrencher attachments are designed to cut both concrete and asphalt in controlled increments so contractors don't need to stop traffic, saving on traffic redirection headaches and associated costs.

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