Forest Trail to Undergo Construction Post-Irene

Wed September 24, 2014 - Northeast Edition

CAMPTON, N.H. (AP) A popular White Mountain National Forest trail will be closed at times because it is undergoing construction to repair damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene.

The U.S. Forest Service said construction vehicles will be in the area of the Lincoln Woods Trailhead in Lincoln, N.H., in the next few months. Materials will be taken over the Eastside Trail to construct a 2,400-ft. (731 m) re-route to bypass a trail section that experienced significant erosion.

Four new bridges will be built to accommodate the reroute and to restore a crossing at the site of a large culvert that washed out during the 2011 storm.

The Lincoln Woods Trail on the west side of the river will be accessible by crossing the river on the pedestrian walkway alongside the Route 112 highway bridge.

The Eastside Trail will be open while construction is suspended on weekends. Franconia Brook Campsites will remain open throughout this project; however access to the campsites from the Eastside Trail may be temporarily restricted during the closures.

“We’re glad we are able to restore access and provide visitors and hikers with an easily accessible trail to access Franconia Brook campsites and the Pemigewasset Wilderness,” said assistant District Ranger Tom Giles. “This project was the result of a partnership with Trout Unlimited to help restore the flood plain in this area of the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River, and help restore fish passage along some of its tributaries.”