Grasan Crushers Recycle Ferrous Metals Embedded in Concrete

Wed August 16, 2006 - National Edition

A primary impact crusher and powerful electromagnetic separator are required for recycling ferrous metals such as mesh, rebar, dowel pins and other tramp iron commonly found embedded in concrete rubble from demolished buildings and torn up highways.

A primary impactor shatters concrete so embedded metals are left virtually concrete free and ready to be pulled from the flow of crushed concrete by the electromagnetic separator on the discharge conveyor between the crusher and screening plant.

The separator should be mounted high on the discharge conveyor where it can deposit separated metals into a truck or dumpster below, ready for sale to metals recyclers.

Grasan, of Mansfield, OH, manufactures complete systems for recycling concrete with embedded metals.

Grasan crushing plants use Hazemag APPH Series computer-controlled horizontal shaft impactors with hydraulic cylinder system for 15 to 20 percent greater production capacity.

Grasan utilizes a Dings electromagnet and Grasan electric-motor-driven belt with stainless steel cleats to protect it from damage.

The head pulley and splitter chute also are stainless steel, which cannot become magnetized.

The separator is mounted on the side discharge conveyor in an in-line position for efficient material flow.

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