Grove GMK5240 Sets Up in AZ

Sat November 02, 2002 - West Edition

Southwest Industrial Rigging (SWIR) recently used its Grove GMK5240 all-terrain to set air handling units at Micro Chip in Tempe, AZ.

Electronic chip assembly takes place in clean rooms requiring special filtration, HVAC, humidification and air handling equipment. The 240-ton (216 t) GMK5240 has a standard boom length of 197 ft. (60 m) and maximum tip height of 322 ft. (98 m) making it ideal for jobs of this type.

SWIR, a crane, rigging and heavy hauling company has facilities in Phoenix and Safford, AZ. Its crane fleet ranges from 10 to 300 tons (9 to 270 t), and heavy-hauling equipment has capabilities to 500 tons (450 t). SWIR works in high-tech equipment transport and installation, and is used to handling precision equipment of all sizes.

Bret Smith, crane manager, commented, “We’ve had the GMK5240 for a couple of months now and have been very happy with it. It is a good complement to our largest crane, the GMK6300, 300 tonner, and the operators find it easy to transition from one Grove to another. Of our 18 mobile hydraulic cranes, 16 are Grove so we are obviously pretty happy with them.”

Harry Baker, president, added, “We’ve been in operation for 21 years and have been pleased with our Grove all terrains, truck cranes and rough terrains.” SWIR has ordered Grove’s new 130-ton RT9130E, the largest rough terrain crane on the market.

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