Gyru-Star Screening Bucket Makes Debut in Western U.S.

Wed July 17, 2019 - West Edition #15

The GS 3-120SL is compatible with any manufacturer’s medium-size skid steer.
(AU Equipment photo)
The GS 3-120SL is compatible with any manufacturer’s medium-size skid steer. (AU Equipment photo)
The GS 3-120SL is compatible with any manufacturer’s medium-size skid steer.
(AU Equipment photo) 
The GS 3-80E is suitable for any manufacturer’s 4-6 ton excavators. Smaller and larger sizes are available.
(AU Equipment photo)

AU Equipment LLC has added U.K.-based Gyru-Star's compact screening bucket attachments to its wide selection of crushing and screening equipment. AU Equipment is the regional distributor of Gyru-Star for the Southwest throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

"With the growing need of our customers and contractors in the region to process smaller quantities of material on site in a timely manner, we added the Gyru-Star range of star screening buckets to provide an inexpensive way to separate the good material from the waste product," said Dominic McNamara, owner of AU Equipment. "Therefore, only hauling away the waste saves money on trucking, importing expensive material and reusing what is already there on the job site."

Gyru-Star screening buckets offer a quick, efficient way to screen compost, aggregate, sand, gravel and top soil, which then can be used by landscapers on site, by pipeline companies and utility contractors for backfill and shading materials. The range of models can be used on any brand of excavators ranging from 1 ton to 20 ton and on all makes and models of skid steers with hydraulic oil flow of 17 GPM or above.

The rows of rotating polyurethane stars with a unique shape effectively screen and separate rocks and vegetation. The flexibility and spacing of the stars, reduces the potential for clogging, according to the manufacturer. While engineered for durability with high-grade Hardox steel, the attachments are best suited for landscaping and smaller scale contracting applications. The higher the quality of the source material the greater the productivity.

The Gyru-Star's polyurethane stars make the bucket much lighter, according to the manufacturer. Despite its large screening area, many of the Gyru-Star screening buckets are small enough to be transported in the bed of many standard pick-up trucks.

"The ability to load the Gyru-Star bucket in the bed of the truck to take to a customer's job site and be up and running in minutes has allowed AU Equipment to clearly demonstrate the unit's efficiency and flexibility to the local contractors across the area of representation," said McNamara.

Many screening buckets on the market today require a double-acting hydraulic circuit whereas the Gyru-Star makes use of a standard single-acting circuit. It does not require a case drain line when installed on excavators and skid steer-compatible models come plug and play ready from the factory.

"After many years of manufacturing in the U.K. we are very excited to be launching the Gyru-Star across the U.S. and Canada and sharing the great profit-making possibilities," said David MacLynn of Gyru-Star. "Even the most modest of businesses should be able to benefit from our technology."

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Brian Fraley of Fraley Construction Marketing contributed to this press release. CEG

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