Hoss to Deploy Power of Sun, Technology With SiteWatch

Sat August 21, 2004 - West Edition

Hoss Equipment Company, in partnership with SiteWatch Systems LLC, introduced its advanced technology, solar-powered “put it anywhere, watch it everywhere” Wireless Mesh Video over IP Network Site Management System mounted on a portable trailer. The system offers the technology in a ruggedized package for trouble-free operation in harsh environments.

The self-contained, turn-key system is designed for quick deployment and ease of activation. It integrates and supports advanced wireless LAN, Mesh network technology, hybrid and wireless network-based video surveillance and perimeter access control as well as remote site management systems.

Available in fixed-mount and portable trailer configurations (diesel powered or solar powered), SiteWatch Systems allow for viewing and managing a single site or multiple sites from any location, anywhere in the world.

The ’safety-orange’ colored trailer is constructed with heavy-duty, rolled steel. It measures 16-ft. (4.9 m) in length by 7-ft. (2.1 m) in width and comes with a 30-ft. (9.1 m) crank winch telescoping mast.

The system includes one to four static or Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras; two 123-watt solar modules; a power converter; a solar rechargeable battery system; a 12/24 Volt power management system; an industrial 10/100 Ethernet hub; battery and component enclosures; outriggers; an industrial outdoor long-range 100mw to 1 watt radio; a SS32 video management software license; and a one-year obsolescence-hedge system update program.

Developed by the military, Mesh technology deploys quickly and automatically expands the coverage area of communications as more devices are added to the network. The technology is suitable for establishing a peer-to-peer communications network anywhere, anytime.

It allows for personnel communications to roam throughout the coverage area without interruption to data, voice or video services.

Technical advantages to Mesh include self-forming (automatic detection of new devices), self-healing (automatic signal rerouting if a device fails) and self-balancing (balances the load across the network) characteristics. These advantages allow for plug-and-play style integration and low personnel training requirements.

User advantages of Mesh technology include seamless roaming, advanced security, dynamic routing, high-speed bandwidth and geo-location and navigation services.

Seamless roaming allows users to maintain connectivity to the network anywhere in the wireless coverage area. Advanced security is provided by government-strength signal encryption. Dynamic routing automatically determines the optimum route available for data transmission on the network –– especially important if one or more network communications devices fail.

High-speed bandwidth offers high-speed wireless connectivity across the entire network and allows for simultaneous data, voice and video transmissions on the network.

Finally, if so configured, Mesh technology provides 3D location data in standard GPS format so applications that operate with GPS data can work seamlessly with the wireless modem card.

SiteWatch Systems’ advanced technology enables cost-effective deployment of a wireless network video surveillance umbrella for remote site monitoring and security surveillance for many large, small or temporary site security applications, including open pit mines and quarries, construction sites, rail lines and rail yards, federal, state and municipal facilities and public utilities and infrastructure.

The System’s highly scalable and stable video management software easily integrates a one-to-four camera system –– or large numbers of four-camera clusters –– with existing user networks.

Infrared cameras and/or other specialty cameras and sensors are available for surveillance in total darkness or other special monitoring conditions that may include biohazard threat monitoring.

Auto archiving is an available option as well.

SiteWatch Systems’ capabilities can be demonstrated to prospective customers during a free online demonstration.

A Mesh technology, solar-powered SiteWatch System trailer also will be displayed and demonstrated in the Hoss Booth 3969 at MINExpo in Las Vegas on Sept. 27 to 30.

SiteWatch Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Remote Monitoring Technologies, a designer, manufacturer and integrator of video surveillance solutions that are powerful, upgradeable and easy to use.

The company specializes in Wireless Mesh Video over IP Network video systems.

Headquartered in Irving (Dallas), TX, Hoss is a global supplier of new and used mining and heavy construction equipment. The company offers solutions in equipment sales, rentals, parts and service to the heavy highway construction, mass excavation, landfill, aggregate, quarry, coal mining, and precious metals mining segments.

Hoss is also known for its Custom Rebuild program, a process that transforms used machines back to “zero hour” machines adhering to stringent manufacturer’s guidelines.

Hoss branches are located in Virginia, Minnesota and Sparks (Reno), Nevada. Authorized dealer programs include Terex articulated dump trucks, rigid frame haul trucks, electric haul trucks, excavators and scrapers, as well as Link-Belt construction products, Klein water tanks and towers, Daewoo parts and SiteWatch Site Management Systems.

For more information on SiteWatch Systems, visit www.sitewatchsystems.com.

For more information on Hoss Equipment, call 877/289-4677 or visit www.hossequipment.com.