Fire protection

In a short, two-minute YouTube video uploaded by the Wall Street Journal in 2014, a worker is seen barely escaping unharmed from a fire in a wood-framed apartment building under construction in Houston, Texas. He stands on the edge of a fifth-floor balcony, frantically waving his arms, in desperate hope for a rescue.

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems announced that AFEX dry chemical, liquid agent and dual agent fire suppression systems were awarded FM 5970 approval on Sept. 21. FM approval standard 5970 — heavy-duty mobile equipment protection systems, was developed over the course of four years and represents a collaborative effort among FM Approvals and industry experts.

Waltham, Mass., city councilors voted unanimously July 31, to call on the state of Massachusetts to implement tighter restrictions on the size of wood-frame residential buildings after a massive ten-alarm fire destroyed a wooden apartment complex under construction in late July.

AFEX pioneered automatic fire suppression systems in the late 1960's in response to the fire risks associated with timber harvesting equipment in the Southeastern United States. Today, AFEX systems can be found on all seven continents protecting equipment in all heavy industries including waste handling, mining, oil and gas, and steel.