Generac Industrial Power's G4.5L engine is specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of generating power so users can look forward to long life and trouble-free performance, according to the manufacturer. The engine block offers integrated oil to water cooler for reduced oil temperatures and increased oil life.

Generac Mobile's LINKTower — a portable, linkable, zero-emission LED light tower — now packs more lighting punch. New, more powerful 235W LED fixtures provide long-lasting and efficient illumination. The LED light fixtures are impact-resistant and are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Generac mobile flameless heaters are purpose-designed to safely provide heat in environments in which an open flame could be hazardous. The flameless technology utilizes a hydraulic pump circuit to load a diesel engine, which generates heat. Heat also is captured from other system components like the radiator and exhaust.

The MLT6SMDS and MLT6SKDS are the newest offerings in the Generac Mobile Products MLT6 light tower family of LED mobile lighting. Designed for ease of use and operational efficiency, the light towers feature four powerful 296W LED fixtures, which provide powerful illumination without the hassle of metal halide bulbs.

Generac Mobile Products' new and improved MLT4060MVD LED mobile light tower, purpose-designed for applications in remote locations and extreme environments, includes features that allow for autonomous operation. An extra-large fuel tank and low fuel consumption allow the tower to run up to 533 hours on a single diesel tank fill and a 750-hour oil change interval, minimizing maintenance costs.

At The Rental Show 2018, Generac will be introducing attendees to its new Generac Pro line of rugged outdoor power equipment designed and engineered specifically for commercial users, such as landscape contractors and rental applications. The new assortment, under the Generac Pro brand, will consist of the following products: XC Series portable generators (6,500 and 8,000 watts) XD5000E diesel-fueled portable generator 3800 psi belt drive pressure washer (3.2 gpm) Walk-behind field and brush mowers with 26- and 30-in.

Construction sites are tough places. That's why Generac Power Systems designed the new XC Professional Series for the most extreme environments. “Construction sites are hard on generators,” said Jeffrey Magedanz, marketing manager, Generac Power Systems.

Generac Mobile Products launches its first LED light towers from Generac l Magnum. While the new light towers have the same long-lasting, efficient and durable Generac LED lights, the towers differ greatly in features and benefits. The newest member of the award-winning MLT6 family, the MLT6SMD LED light tower is a 6kW unit powered by a Tier 4 ultra-fuel-efficient ECOSpeed engine that operates in multiple speeds, allowing it to have a runtime of up to 215 hours on a single tank and a service interval of 750 hours.

Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) and Generac Power Systems Inc., a manufacturer of standby and portable power generation equipment, have announced a strategic partnership. Beginning in 2010, FPT will supply Generac with a wide range of industrial diesel engines for use in gensets with outputs ranging from 60 to 350 kilowatts (kW).