Giberson Enterprises

Giberson Enterprises, master distributor for the Eco-Crusher, announced Nortrax as a new dealer. Nortrax has agreed to inventory all Eco-Crusher excavator-mounted jaw crusher bucket models and wear parts, so the dealer can immediately serve customers from all regions.

Demolition and concrete contractors using the Eco-Crusher, a jaw crusher bucket for crushing material onsite, have the option of adding a magnet to provide an easy and efficient means of removing rebar from crushed debris. The Eco-Crusher enables contractors to provide the onsite processing of concrete, bricks, blocks, basalt, aggregate and more, thus reducing the costs for hauling and tipping fees on the job.

The Eco-Crusher line of excavator mounted jaw crushers has now been expanded to include a fourth size, with the introduction of the BF60. Excavators as small as 8 tons (72 t) can now accommodate the newest addition to Giberson Enterprises’ line.

Giberson Enterprises has introduced an excavator-mounted bucket jaw crusher. Combining portable and affordable crushing, the Eco-Crusher is a choice for any and all crushing needs, according to the manufacturer. The Eco-Crusher will break down concrete, rocks, asphalt and more.

Giberson Enterprises, the importer to the United States of the Eco-Crusher, held product demonstrations on Thursday, June 8 in Patterson, NY, at the yard of G & M Construction. The Eco-Crusher is an excavator attachment that converts an excavator into a portable jaw crusher, which is useful for smaller recycling jobs.