Masthead Hose

Masthead Hose and Supply has introduced the Flextral brand thermoplastic hose. It is a key component in hydraulic and pneumatic systems requiring a lightweight or non-conductive alternative to rubber hose. Unlike traditional hydraulic lines, which are made of rubber with steel layers added for reinforcement, thermoplastic hoses are constructed from plastic and strengthened with polyester fabric plies.

On Dec. 19, 2007, an immense explosion at a neighboring business called T2 Laboratories completely destroyed the nearly new Masthead Hose & Supply service center on Faye Road in Jacksonville, Fla. Nine months later, the structure is rebuilt and nearly ready for occupancy.

Through an exclusive agreement with Masthead Hose & Supply, Coastal Hydraulics has become Charleston’s sole supplier of Flextral hose and fitting products. Coastal Hydraulics has provided hydraulic and pneumatic design and repair service throughout the Southeast since 1979.

aMasthead has established an original equipment manufacturing facility in Orange Park, Fla. The center consolidates all of the company’s OEM business under one roof. Getting the 3,750 sq. ft. center built, fully equipped and staffed has been a yearlong project.

When looking at the complex world of hydraulics, a contractor sometimes has no clue what type of hose his equipment needs. What he does know is that hydraulic hose failure can cost thousands of dollars per hour, and that his machine needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.