For more than a decade, Talbert Manufacturing, a North American leader in specialized heavy-haul solutions, has manufactured its 55CC close-coupled lowbed trailer. The trailer features a low deck height, high capacity rating and a removable gooseneck, allowing safe and easy loading of oversized equipment, including excavators and dozers.

Felling Trailers concluded its 4th Annual Trailer for a Cause auction on Nov. 11th, by auctioning off one of its most popular trailers, the FT-3 drop deck utility trailer. The trailer has been painted “Brain Tumor gray” — Felling's way to pay tribute to individuals affected by brain tumors.

Moving a heavy object or piece of equipment from one place to another involves transporting that object in some manner, whether it be human strength, animal power or in most instances — trailers. There are as many types of trailers available as there are jobs that need items hauled.

Talbert Manufacturing updated its Traveling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by 5 tons. Three of the new trailer models – the 4048TA, 4050TA and 4053TA – have a 40-ton hauling capacity, and the new 5548TA and 5553TA trailer models haul as much as 55 tons.

Talbert Manufacturing launched a new air ramp (Air) tilt series for easy loading of low-clearance equipment, such as soil and asphalt rollers. The series includes the 20-ton (18 t) capacity AC-20-ART and 25-ton (22.6 t) capacity AC3-25-ART. The units air controls provide additional operator safety when raising and lowering the trailer for loading, and its low deck height offers a superior view of the equipment and surroundings, according to the manufacturer.

All was quiet at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., in the early hours of Feb. 12, 2014. That changed at 5:39 a.m. when museum employees responded to the burglar alarm. What they found was worse than they could have imagined. Several cars were missing, but they weren't stolen by a group of thieves.

This year has been busy for heavy-haul trailer sales, with the biggest demand prior to the construction season as contractors prepared for transporting construction equipment. We anticipate a strong finish to the year because customers are still replacing trailers or adding on to their current fleet that includes older models with newer, more efficient alternatives.

Derek Losh joined the Talbert Manufacturing team as the new Great Lakes-area sales manager. Losh, a former mechanical engineer within the industry, will bring experience and a fresh perspective into his new sales leadership role. He will cover a six-state region as he assists customers with Talbert’s specialized heavy-haul trailers and transportation equipment.

Talbert Manufacturing updated its traveling axle (TA) series by increasing its hauling capacity by 5 tons (4.5 t). Three of the new trailer models — the 4048TA, 4050TA and 4053TA — have a 40-ton hauling capacity, and the new 5548TA and 5553TA trailer models haul as much as 55 tons (50 t).

Talbert Manufacturing has hired B. Ross McKenzie as its new west region sales manager. McKenzie works directly with Talbert dealers in the western United States and Canada to help them market, specify, customize and sell trailers that meet their customers’ application needs.

Talbert Manufacturing, a manufacturer of custom heavy-haul trailers based in Rensselaer, Ind., has acquired Ferree Trailers, located in Liberty, N.C. The acquisition adds additional scope to Talbert, while also providing products that will take the company into new market segments.