Ingersoll Rand TC-13 Offers Remote Trench Compaction

Tue January 16, 2007 - National Edition

The Ingersoll-Rand trench compactor — the TC-13 — is a 1.3-ton (1.18 t) compactor that has a heavy-duty battery and is designed to operate with a standardized remote control.

The TC-13 eliminates the need for an operator to enter the trench while compacting. Its radio remote operates at 433 megahertz and includes an engine-mounted charger that recharges an extra remote battery while the engine is running. With an operating weight of 2,965 lbs.(1,345 kg) and a centrifugal force of 17,100 lbs. (7,757 kg), the TC-13 achieves density requirements in cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. The advantage of skid steering gives the TC-13 trench compactor a zero-degree turn radius.

Additionally, the TC-13 trench compactor is equipped with a fuel-efficient, liquid-cooled 18.9-hp (14.1 kW) Kubota diesel engine that provides quiet operation and a fuel tank capacity that is sufficient for 12 hours of operation. This compactor’s high horsepower-to-weight ratio will handle most jobs.

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