JLG Fixes Crown Fountain

Sat July 03, 2004 - Midwest Edition

The Crown Fountain at Chicago’s new Millennium Park has two glass block towers encasing LED screens. The LED’s project changing digital images from behind the blocks while water flows down the outside into the large reflecting pool.

When the LED’s were first activated, minor imperfections in some of the blocks were discovered. To replace the imperfect blocks, equipment rental dealer, Illini Hi- Reach, was called on to provide aerial work platforms to access the towers.

The floor of the reflecting pool beneath the towers wasn’t designed for heavy loads so erecting scaffolding around four sides of the towers would have been expensive, time consuming and might have cracked the pool floor.

For the solution, Illini Hi-Reach delivered a JLG model 800S 80-ft. platform height straight boom lift and two JLG model 860Js 86-ft. platform height boom lifts with jibs. The booms have 71- and 75-ft. horizontal reach, respectively, so they could be set up on the perimeter of the reflecting pool and extend over it to reach the top of the towers. Because both boom lifts have fixed width axles and no need for outriggers, the machines could be deployed quickly and moved around this crowded job site without difficulty.

Working alongside an older JLG model 80HX boom lift already on the site, the three new JLG boom lifts were used to replace the defective blocks so that Millennium Park visitors see a perfected fountain.