John Deere’s K-Series Includes Eight Wheel Loader Models

Wed April 02, 2008 - National Edition
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John Deere’s K-Series includes eight updated models and a new member of the family, the 2.75-yd. (2.5 m) 524K, a utility-sized unit not previously offered.

All K-Series loaders, covering the 2- to 8-yd. (1.8 to 7.3 m) range, will have a thoroughly redesigned cab that increases operator comfort and visibility, according to the manufacturer.

Cab Improvements

“We’ve made major enhancements to the cabs in terms of roominess, lower noise levels and ergonomics,” David O’Keeffe, John Deere loader product marketing manager. “Stepping into a K-Series cab, an operator will experience the difference immediately.”

Shift pedals have been moved forward and the front console size reduced to provide extra room in the cab. A new, streamlined steering column and front windshield configuration provide enhanced visibility. Cab noise also has been decreased.

Improved ergonomic features will increase operator productivity. All K-Series 4WD loaders include keyless start, seat-mounted controls, expanded sealed switch module and a new LCD monitor with a multi-function interface. Additionally, the 544K through 844K will now have joystick steering available.

The LCD monitor provides screen displays of machine parameters, an operator check sheet, real-time fuel usage, extensive diagnostics and a payload weighing screen. An embedded John Deere payload weighing scale is powered by Loadrite.

The optional rear obstacle detection system provides an alert if any object is in the loader’s direct path while backing up. It is combined with a rear-camera which displays through the LCD monitor above for increased awareness, especially in high-traffic areas or close-quarter working conditions.

“The easy-to-use diagnostic menu on our monitors allows technicians to get diagnostic information quickly and from one place without hooking up a laptop or using gauges in most cases. It also puts the operator in a much better position to increase uptime by keeping a close watch on speeds, pressures and operating temperatures and by effectively communicating to the shop or dealer on issues to minimize trips to the machine due to incorrect tools or parts,” O’Keeffe said.

Tier III Engines and

Quad Cool System

With John Deere PowerTech Tier III engines added to the 724K through 844K models, K-Series 4WD loaders from the 444K and up are now Tier III certified. Deere PowerTech engines are fuel efficient and provide strong horsepower and torque for all applications, according to the manufacturer.

The 444K through the 844K are now equipped with Deere’s Quad Cool system. This system places the radiator, transmission, hydraulic and air-to-air coolers in a separate compartment for efficiency and decreased debris build-up. An optional reversing fan automatically back-blows every 30 minutes to help keep the cores clean.

“Customers are finding the Quad Cool system really easy to clean and maintain, adding to the Deere legacy of keeping equipment up and running,” O’Keeffe said.

In addition, the 644K now has Deere’s Powerllel Linkage, which delivers both powerful digging forces and parallel lift.

“The 644K provides z-bar like digging performance and parallel lift for those applications demanding versatility,” O’Keeffe said. “The power in the Powerllel Linkage comes from an innovative design that allows load forces to work with — not against — the boom. “

Another feature on the 544K through 844K are NeverGrease Pins. These pins have an exclusive sealed design that never needs greasing, leading to significant cost and time savings.

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