LAP Laser Introduces New Products for Precast Concrete Applications

Wed August 09, 2006 - National Edition

LAP Laser has introduced its new series of laser level and thickness gauges along with the CAD-PRO laser pattern projector, for use in precast concrete applications.

The POLARIS, ANTARIS, and ATLAS level and thickness gauges determine precision levels and thicknesses within 0.001 to 0.015 in., depending upon the specific application.

Through the use of LAP Laser’s level sensors, a concrete manufacturer can expect precision precast concrete form fills every time, regardless of surface quality. This saves valuable production time because the non-contact gauge allows for a faster fill-rate while also ensuring quality control, according to the manufacturer.

Likewise, LAP’s series of thickness gauges can improve the quality of segmental paving and retaining wall blocks by providing immediate quality feedback before and after the drying process regardless of surface form or color.

CAD-PRO Projector

The CAD-PRO laser template projector projects any shape or pattern created by a CAD program onto a two- or three- dimensional surface in a perfect one-to-one scale. This template system increases productivity and efficiency by allowing a concrete precast products manufacturer to quickly locate placements for structural support (rebar), window openings and reveals.

LAP Laser is a maintenance-free, in-line measuring and pattern projection systems with standard, user-configurable firmware. The standard LAP Laser software provides tools for visualization and Statistical Process Control.

Optional accessories include measuring frames, traversing units and temperature sensors.

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