Link-Belt 298 HSL Fills Gap in Lattice Boom Crane Line

Wed June 06, 2007 - National Edition
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Link-Belt’s 298 HSL, a 230-ton (208.6 t) hydraulic lattice boom crawler crane fills out Link-Belt’s crawler crane line providing Link-Belt quality between 200 and 300 tons. It also provides a replacement for all the aging 230-ton crawlers in fleets around the world.

Grace Under Power

Continuing the HYLAB tradition, the 298 HSL brings pin-point controls and reliability to the table. With a 230-ton capacity, it has 55,000 lbs. (24,947.58 kg) of maximum line pull and a maximum line speed of 525 ft. (160.02 m) per minute. Wide, 35-in (89 cm) front and rear drums demand 1-in. (2.8 cm) rope to handle the line pull generated.

A Mitsubishi Tier III approved 6M70-T3 power plant, rated at 365 hp (272 kW), powers the pump package to allow line speed to remain more constant under load, giving the operator smooth performance and fine control.

Front and rear hoist drums are driven by variable displacement hydraulic piston motors that power the double planetary drive. Hoist and lowering control is further enhanced by hoist drums with adjustable speed control. This allows the operator to synchronize drum speed making custom crane operations simpler.

Optional on the 298 is front and rear drum “freefall” using a new wet brake design that resulted from customer-driven research. This wet disc-style brake allows precise control of even the lightest loads in the freefall mode, according to the manufacturer.

A third drum also is an option.

Easy Come, Easy Go

The 298 HSL’s counterweight removal system removes the hydraulic cylinders and integral frame in one piece with the counterweights to reduce the main transport load weight. The removal system has remote control counterweight pin releases that are within easy reach for one person, expediting the whole assembly/disassembly process. The 160,000 lbs. (72,574.78 kg) of upper counterweight are designed for easy handling and blended load-outs and the main unit transports at less than 88,000 lbs. (39,916.13 kg).

Reaching Out

The 298 HSL offers a 60 to 300 ft. (18.29 to 91.44 m) tubular lattice boom. A jib also is available up to 90 ft. (27.43 m) and is offsettable to 5, 15, and 25 degrees. For additional tip height, a 270-ft. (82.3 m) main boom can be combined with the 90-ft. (27.43 m) jib for a maximum tip height of 365.5 ft. (111.25 m). Further, the “blocked-over-end” capacities make this crane extremely versatile and productive, according to the manufacturer.

Lap of Luxury

In addition to the full complement of backlit gauges and adjustable armchair-mounted controls, the cab’s ergonomic design offers the operator: greater visibility; more room; adjustable boom, swing, and load hoist controls; six-way adjustable seat; and an AM/FM digital clock radio. Audio and visual alarms for swing, full engine instrumentation, and a service monitor augment the controls. And for those hot days, air conditioning is standard.

To make the operator’s life even easier, Link-Belt’s rated capacity limiter is standard equipment. The color graphic display features load-on-hook, as well as maximum allowable load-on-hook, boom length, boom angle, tip height, and an audible/visual warning. The limiter also features a function kick-out for both overload and anti-two block occurrences. The system uses a sensor in the boom hoist dead end to feed data to the load limiter computer.

Standard left, right, and front catwalks that remove and stow easily for transport make the outside of the 298 HSL almost as comfortable and convenient as the inside.

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