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Maine’s Foglio Shreds Downtime With NYE Stump Harvester

Tue July 11, 2006 - Northeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Maine-established construction and demolition contractors of Foglio Inc. have found the muscle needed for productivity.

Specializing in heavy-highway and deep pipe contracting, as well as subdivision and commercial contracting and demolition, Foglio Inc. employees have seen various industrial equipment and know the importance of their capabilities.

After years of trial and error, President Doug Foglio has learned on-site efficiency. When seeking an upgrade to his attachment fleet, experience brought him back to National Attachments Inc. Seeking a tool to enhance his company's operation, he aimed to maximize the productivity and reliability of his machines.

Foglio needed an attachment that would not only perform, but also help minimize slowing job operations and costly repairs due to mechanical malfunctions.

"It's important to understand the job you're bidding," said Foglio. "We are able to turn out good job completion because National Attachments knows what will work and what will fail. We go to National Attachments knowing we'll get the best product required to perform the services we need."

Eric Dupree, of National Attachments, found the attachment Foglio was looking for. Knowing the reputation and quality of NYE attachments, Dupree knew the NYE extreme service stump harvester would fit the bill because it can rip, pry, shake, split and load all at the hands of one operator.

Managing 150,000 psi quenched and tempered alloy steels with hardened pins and bushing throughout, the extreme service stump harvester is designed to endure resistance with the power to split stumps of various sizes and full-length trees.

"This is an extremely versatile tool, especially when working with wood products," said Foglio. "During building demolition, we use it to cut up the house before tearing it down. The stump harvester then has capabilities to crunch or cut the demolition debris into small enough pieces to fit into a dumpster, or in the clean-up process it can handle material as small as 4-inch limbs and brush and feed them to our grinder."

Using a Peterson Pacific horizontal force-fed wood grinder, Foglio Inc. processes not only stumps, but also pallets, telephone poles, railroad ties and demolition materials.

"The key to stump grinding is cleanliness," said Foglio. "With a good splitter or harvester, you can use any grinder out there."

Even with any grinder, Foglio knows that the only way to reach and maintain peak production from any wood mill is to maintain a constant and steady flow of material to the machine with minimal complications and required maintenance.

The key to reducing service expenses "is eliminating all foreign materials from the wood before grinding it [through] the pre-cutting of stumps and demolition material before putting it through the grinder," said Foglio.

Managing grubbing tines intended for in-place harvesting and driver visibility with operator-sided knife positioning, this attachment eases the removal of conflicting dirt and rocks from stumps prior to grinding them out, according to Foglio.

"NYE built this attachment rugged enough to pull out any size stump," he added. "We like it with the double-hydraulic knife and blade, so our operator can split any stump right in the ground without the hassle of repositioning the blade."

NYE's stump harvester reduces the amount of stress forced on the blades of the wood processor, allowing the grinder to cut service expenses.

"As we screen our product, we use it as an addition to the top soil," Foglio said. "This cuts costs significantly as we use the processed materials for on-site erosion control products."

Providing a uniformly cut product, the NYE stump harvester allows the necessary flow of wood to remain consistent maximizing the capacity of the wood mill.

"The grinding process is faster and allows us to get the most out of our machine," Foglio said. "It's successful and efficient at clearing and moving stumps and debris piles as well as being an excellent sheer."

The knife construction of the stump harvester consists of quenched and tempered structural alloy steel, extending usage. With the speed and durability of this product, it doesn't take long for the NYE harvester to pay for itself, according to Foglio.

He has earned the keep of his harvester a few times and commented on its mounting value.

"Using the NYE stump harvester, we can produce on site the best environmentally-friendly erosion control product you can get," he said. "We guarantee our customers not only a successful project completion, but with the help of NYE's stump harvester, a most efficient completion."

"We can take pride giving them the most for their money because we have gotten the most out of ours and more with the limitless abilities of the NYE extreme service stump harvester," said Foglio.

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