NPK Debuts New Multi-Functional BB511 Breaker Bucket

Wed April 02, 2008 - National Edition

NPK’s model BB511 breaker bucket is the first of five models NPK plans to introduce over the next several months. Key features and benefits include:

Multi-Functional Bucket

• Heavy-duty, vibration-resistant welded structure.

• Easy access compressed air connections for working underwater.

• Removable cover for easy access to the hydraulic hammer.

Hydraulic Hammer

The breaker bucket features the NPK hydraulic hammer with the highest performance in its class.

• The hydraulic hammer impacts on an anvil avoiding direct contact between the hydraulic hammer piston and breaker bucket tools, it’s the anvil that strikes the tools, permitting work from any angle.

Tools Designed for Any Job

The special design of the breaker bucket made possible the development of a series of accessories that increase the base equipment’s versatility.

• Changing the tools is fast and easy with the simple push of the slide lock pin.

• Bucket tools: standard chisel pins, asphalt/frost blade, breaker blade and tamper plate.