Perkins New Ecoplus Oil Filters Will Be Displayed at ConExpo 2020

Wed January 29, 2020 - National Edition

Perkins new Ecoplus oil filters raise the bar for performance, ease of use and reduced environmental impact. They're standard on the latest Perkins Syncro 2.8- and 3.6-liter EU Stage V engines.

Enhanced Technology Top to Bottom

Perkins engineers didn't stop with mechanical, fuel system and control upgrades when they designed the company's new EU Stage V engines, they took a fresh look at everything that impacted customer satisfaction right down to the oil filter. That fresh look resulted in an addition to the Perkins Ecoplus filter line that sets new standards for filtration performance and ease of use while reducing the environmental impact of filter disposal.

Perkins Ecoplus filters use a replaceable element inside a reusable filter housing. That eliminates the disposable metal canister used on spin-on filters, keeping them out of landfills. It also allows the filter to be mounted upright on the engine, making it easier to access for element changes.

"The new oil filters are really easy to change," Matt O'Sullivan, aftermarket general manager said. "You just unscrew the top cover using the 38 mm nut — no special tooling is required, lift out the cap and element and click the new filter back in place. It's as simple as that."

That's possible because the new Perkins Ecoplus oil filters are designed to drain oil back into the block automatically when they are opened. The filter also includes an improved bypass valve in the filter housing. It's less likely to open inappropriately and because the filter stays full of oil the engine primes more quickly which improves start-up protection.

The media used in Perkins Ecoplus oil filters provides efficient protection and has several unique features. These include spiral roving with acrylic beads to ensure maximum filtration area and molded urethane end caps that seal against the housing to prevent oil bypassing the filter.

Working together, these features combine fast oil circulation when the engine starts to protect turbochargers and other components sensitive to contaminants with efficient filtration performance over the whole life of the filter. To ensure consistent performance, Perkins Ecoplus filters are manufactured in a dedicated facility.

Perkins Ecoplus fuel filters are used on more than half of the company's current production engines. The new Perkins Syncro 2.8 and 3.6 liter engines, which meet EU Stage V emission standards, not only take updated versions of the Ecoplus fuel filters but have now transitioned from spin-on oil filters to the new Perkins Ecoplus oil filters.

Perkings will be exhibiting in the South Hall at ConExpo 2020.

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