Philippi-Hagenbuch’s Rear Eject Trailer Hauls Scrap Steel

Wed September 12, 2007 - National Edition

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. (PHIL) has introduced a 90-ton (81.6 t) rear eject scrap steel haulage trailer for a greenfield steel mill in Mississippi.

The PHIL rear eject trailers allow steel mills to customize what goes into the charge bucket in a manner which results in higher quality steel and shorter melt times, requiring less electric arc furnace energy, according to the manufacturer.

The trailer is designed to achieve the scrap yard efficiencies by selectively choosing the best steel scrap recipe, melt after melt, allowing the steel mill ultimate flexibility versus the constraints of traditional rail scrap haulage. Additionally, the PHIL rear eject scrap steel trailers minimize charge bucket damage through softer material discharge into the charge bucket.

The trailers are sized appropriately to charge bucket size to maximize productivity. The trailers incorporate PHIL’s 6-way fifth wheel hitch, allowing complete mobility of the trailer independent of the truck.

Typical trailers weigh approximately 72,000 lbs. (32,658 kg), and are capable of hauling 90 tons, or 120 cu. yd. (92 cu m) of scrap steel.

The trailers, an extension of the PHIL rear eject product line, incorporate many of the same features. The trailer has a mechanical Autogate tailgate with no hydraulic cylinders, and as with all Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. rear eject units, the trailers are designed for minimal maintenance: no rollers and no lubrication points.

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