PT-80 Offers Independent, Multi-Suspension Undercarriage

Tue May 13, 2008 - National Edition

Replacing the former SR-80 rubber track loader that was introduced in 2006, ASV’s PT-80 features an independent and multi-suspension undercarriage as well as a comfortable cab interior.

As with the former SR-80, the 80.5 hp (60 kW) PT-80 is equipped with a durable rubber track undercarriage. Featuring a multi-level suspension system, it uses 16 bogie wheels per track, which flex independently to maximize ground contact. As a result, the machine’s 8,972-lb. (2,812 kg) operating weight is distributed down to only 3.5 psi (24.1 kPa) of ground pressure. That is less ground pressure than that of a person on foot. With such low ground pressure, the PT-80 can work productively in soft or wet ground conditions where skid steer loaders and other track loaders cannot work at all.

Standard tracks on the PT-80 are 18 in. (45.7 cm), which let the operator maneuver faster and in more confined spaces, but the PT-80 also can be outfitted with optional 20-in. (51 cm) wide tracks for even more flotation. This also lowers the ground pressure to 3.15 psi (21.7 Kpa).

Ideal for many construction, landscaping, utility and private-owner applications, the PT-80’s auxiliary hydraulic system comes with bi-directional high flow for brush cutting, snow blowing and more. Low flow hydraulics feature variable speed operation for precise control of attachment functions.

The PT-80 is outfitted with pilot-operated joystick controls that give precise control of all machine functions. Quick-connect hydraulic fittings are standard along with a supplemental electrical connection for attachments.

The PT-80’s two-speed direct drive allows the operator to select low for maximum torque or high for faster travel speeds up to 11 mph (17.7 kmh).

The new PT-80 now features a completely new paint and decal package that includes ASV’s bold new logo. It also has larger standard interiors over the former model and includes conveniences such as a standard 12-volt DC power port and multiple storage areas. It can be customized with a choice of cab enclosures, an adjustable suspension seat, hydraulic quick-attach, bucket positioning and more.

Other refinements made to the PT-80 include a more convenient ignition key location, sliding side windows, a stiffer door frame, better seal on the door, a faster fill rate on the 18-gal. (68 L) fuel tank and a new steel fuel line. In addition, Idler wheels use premium metal face seals for exceptional durability.

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