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Rockster Introduces Impact Crusher R1000S

Tue March 28, 2017 - National Edition

Rochester's R1000S has a hydraulic vertically adjustable magnetic separator, a hydraulically lowerable screenbox and a swiveling catwalk.
Rochester's R1000S has a hydraulic vertically adjustable magnetic separator, a hydraulically lowerable screenbox and a swiveling catwalk.

Rockster's R1000S track-mounted impact crusher crusher fills the requirements of the customers looking for an increased operating and safety comfort.

The R1000S includes:

  • a new developed multifunctional color display,
  • an auto start and stop function,
  • a stepless variable, fully hydraulic gap adjustment with integrated measuring system as well as the automatic load-dependent,
  • stepless regulation of the conveying speed and a new fixed hammer.

Also the hydraulic vertically adjustable magnetic separator, the hydraulically lowerable screenbox and the swiveling catwalk make the maintenance of the machine easier.

The versatile setting options and the two-deck pre-screening with a screen mesh provides excellent quality. The up-and-over lift system of the side and back doors ensures event greater free moving space and saves additionally space.

The R1000S In Detail
  • The vibrating pre-screen chute is resonating to stop deposits in the shaft.
  • The vibrating discharge chute is transporting the material on the main conveyor and prevents the wear of the belt, significantly saving wearing costs.
  • The inlet width of barely one meter and the oversized rotor diameter of more than one meter guarantee the best throughput rates in the different applications.
  • The blow bar exchange is also possible with a built-on hammer exchange device, an external lifting device is not necessary.
  • The hammers are available in different quality levels.
  • The optional screening system — consisting of the compact circular vibrating screen RS100 in combination with the double functional return belt RB92 — is the perfect complement for the track-mounted compact crusher R1000S for creating 100 percent defined final grain.
  • The hydraulically lowerable screenbox make the mainenance and service easier.
  • From Transport To Working Mode

    Because of the compact transport measurements — length 10,10 m, width 2,55 m and height 3,2 m — and the weight of 30,4 tons, it is possible to transport the Rockster R1000S without any special authorization. It takes just 10 minutes to unload the impact crusher and to put it into operation.

    If the transport includes the optional screening system, the dismantling of the return belt and screen box is not necessary. It is also possible to transport the machine with screening system without a specifically required authorization because of the transport measurements — length 14,00 m, width 2,98 m and 3,2 m height.

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