Saving Time, Money With FlangeLock

Mon January 13, 2014 - National Edition

Logo with ConEx-14 pix.
Logo with ConEx-14 pix.

The FlangeLock Tool is an easy-to-use cap that slides over the flange and is sealed with one turn of the bottom plug, keeping oil in and contaminants out. It is produced in sizes for 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 in SAE Codes 61, 62 and thick Caterpillar-style hydraulic flanges.

The flange lock is currently being manufactured in aluminum in the United States.

“The flange lock represents major savings in a number of areas,” Mike Pearl, part owner of Flange Lock LLC, said. “It will save time in that there won’t be any oil leaking and having to be cleaned up. It will save money because again, with no leaks, no oil is wasted. And a really big savings will be with EPA cleanups. The EPA is looking at a lot of equipment right now and a lot of companies are being temporarily shut down in order to get things cleaned up. The FlangeLock will cut way down on that lost time and money.”

Equipment owners seeking to stop oil leaks are not the only ones who will benefit from the FlangeLock. Pearl foresees the factories where the equipment is manufactured being able to use the FlangeLock during the assembly process to keep contaminants from entering the lines and, if a customer desires, selling them on the equipment.

The flange lock is currently being sold at many construction equipment distributors and fluid power dealers across the country.

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