SmartEquip Founder Schuessler Leads European Expansion

Thu January 31, 2013 - Northeast Edition

SmartEquip founder and executive vice chairman, Alexander Schuessler will serve as president of the company’s newly formed international group. During the initial phase, Schuessler will lead the company’s expansion into Europe.

SmartEquip currently provides the North American rental industry with a technology platform, connecting equipment manufacturers and dealers electronically with large fleet owners, to provide both real-time product support and electronic procurement capabilities. Users of SmartEquip’s e-FleetPro technology have documented dramatic operational efficiency improvements, as well as reduced equipment owning and operating costs. The SmartEquip Network in North America presently supports more than 100 suppliers and is used by approximately 40,000 users across 4,000 rental, dealer and other equipment locations.

“Europe has long represented a natural expansion of our market. Today, we support many European, U.S.- based, and other international manufacturers in North America, and they have long urged us to support their customers, dealers, and distributors on a broad global basis,” noted Schuessler. “Similarly, over the past eighteen months, we have worked with numerous European rental companies and global contractors, who have carefully studied the use of the SmartEquip Network in North America and are ready to implement the technology in their business. We are excited about the partnerships we have now started to build in Europe, and I am personally pleased to oversee this very important aspect of our company’s growth.”

Schuessler served as the company’s founding CEO from 2000 to 2011. Prior to founding SmartEquip, Schuessler was a co-founder of Script International — a company that drove Caterpillar’s entry into the equipment rental business across South America. In the mid-1990s, he was a professor at New York University, where he also served as the director of the Politics Data Center, a research he designed and founded. He published an influential book as well as several articles on advanced statistical methods, published by the U.S. National Academy of Science.